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The Karmann Ghia Mailing List is an Email-based discussion group for the Ghia enthusiast. It was originally created by, and currently maintained by Andy Caslaw. I've simply created this form to make subscribing/unsubscribing easy.

If you would like to subscribe to the Karmann Ghia Mailing List, please fill out the form below and hit the button here or at the bottom of the form.

When unsubscibing, please be sure to enter your correct Email address, and note that the email address you enter must be exactly the same as the address you subscribed from. The mailing list has a new homepage if you have problems subscribing using this form.

The KG Mailing List comes to you in one of two ways. Each posting will come to you individually as it is sent (message mode), or you can choose to receive it in Digest form; a collection of that day's postings sent to you as a single email message, once or twice a day.

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You can also subscribe/unsubscribe by E-mail by following the instructions in the documents below (these will also be sent to you when you subscribe).
The Subscribe Message
Archive Help Message
A sort of FAQ

There is also a newsgroup for air-cooled VW owners that is a little broader.

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