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Here's the latest out of Karmann...
new ghia

This is a new prototype of a modern Karmann Ghia based on the original design. Its made out of aluminum foam, which is lightweight and supposedly ten times as strong as steel. Of course, it out of Karmann GBMH in Germany. Its featured in an article in the April '98 Popular Science, with this picture and a little description of the aluminum foam hybrid material.
The keen eye will notice the fresh air grills are pretty much intact, and the fender curves are there, although a little understated (since the headlights have been blended into the body). Its been pointed out that the chasis looks modified to accomodate the engine in the front (McPherson struts). Not to mention that the rear compartment looks pretty much sealed off like a rear trunk. Too bad. The interior compartment looks to be about the same size as the original. The classic nose has been boxed a bit, making for a tight seam with the modern (ugh!) front bumper. I wouldn't look for this fine machine on the streets anytime soon, but one can dream!

Popular Science just decided to share the article on the web...
Check another modern Karmann design here. A sport-utility vehicle no less!. If you sprechen sie Deutsch, check out Karmann's homepage.

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