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Karma is our official one year old mascot, seen here posing with one of her many degrees. We've given her this space to share some of her knowledge and speak her mind on a regular basis. So, this is your chance to get the goods from the Karmann Ghia-lovin' dog and stubborn-ass mutt, Karma.


The dogtor is "IN"

Karma says, "if you need some hardcore information, subscribe to the Mailing List... its free!" She also says, "I'll be damned if i'm going to correct all the grammatical errors in the letters these bonehead humans send me!"

Dear Karma,

Check THIS out!!!!!



Woof Woof! Oooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!


Dear Karma,

Boy, do I feel stupid? Asking a dog in Texas this question, (a very cute dog) but anyway I live in the Washingtion DC area where there is mucho humidity. Does this accelerate the rusting of my ghia ? Does sitting in a humid garage hurt my loved one much? Should I put an open bag of nacho chips in the front seat to absorb those nasty airborne water molecules? Ask J. how was the World Cup?
Keeping an eye on ghias and government,


You've come to the right place to ask about humidity... here in texas you can spot a VW driver by the permanent sweat-ring on their back. Lets not even get into peeling flesh off of vinyl seats... More of a consequence of heat and no AC, i suppose, but it sounds good.
I wouldn't worry too much about that mucho humidity, unless its salty humidity (like right on the coast). If you're keeping that baby garaged, you are already way ahead of the game. I'm not sure the nacho chips would help any, but try Cheez Balls and i think you could be on to something.


P.S. - the world cup was amazing... even if our team did come in dead last. Shoot-outs bite the big one, though.

Dear Karma,

I have a 73 Ghia which I have just completely restored. I can't get the rear window in with the chrome (polished aluminum). I took it to a glass shop and they said it the chrome will never fit because the window/rubber it too tight. It is a new rubber from WCM. Any suggestions on how I am going to get this window in? The car was never damaged and the window came out of there so the problem I would think is the rubber? I know the chrome is supposed to go in first but it just won't stay in the rubber. PLEASE HELP. If you do I will send dog food.


Sounds like cold-rubber syndrome. Toss it out in the sun for 4-5 hours and let it get hot and malleable. Then try it. If the sun doesn't shine where you live, try it in the oven (on LOW!). and yes, the chrome should go in the rubber before the window goes in the car (with the rubber and chrome on it). Make sense? WCM rubber is generally good quality stuff.

Ruff Wiedersomething,


Dear Karma,

Are you ever treated to Hut's leftovers? if not, a change of residence in south austin might yield a better wednesday nite snack of burgers and left-over onion rings (because everyone knows the onion rings never all get eaten!).

your friend,
captain lou


2-for-1 Wednesdays are like a little piece of heaven aren't they? Wanna know what goes through a dog's mind when he/she sees somebody new? "Do you have food for me? Do you have food for me? Do you have food for me? Do you have food for me? Do you have food for me? Do you have food for me?" You get the picture... And if the Olympics ever come to Austin, let me be the first to suggest that the rings be made by... god bless Hut's.


Dear Karma,

I am a woman on the verge of an early mid life crisis. Major and recent changes in my life have propelled me forward into that place of reconciliation with unrealized dreams. What does this mean? I've always wanted a KG. However, I know (essentially) nothing about cars, and would have to depend on paying someone to take care of it for me (only mechanically, of course as I would love it to death myself.) I unfortunately don't know anyone who can assist me in this regard either (what the heck, all my friends are scientists and writers...) So, here's my dilemna: I live in Toronto, land of plenty o' snow and lousy weather. I would want to drive this car all year long. Is this possible? And if so, which Ghia should I be looking for that would best suit my circumstance? I noticed you mentioned the Idiot Guide on your website. Does this particular idiot guide have a title you could provide me? I am not adverse to informing myself before taking the plunge. And, finally, am I completely out of my element? Would I be better advised to wait until I have substantial financial resources to perpetually invest (or at the very least, snag a mechanic?)

Please point me in the right direction.
Ghialess in Toronto


You don't have to tell me about early mid-life crisis', we have ours at 4 or 5! Let me give you a bit of advice (since you did ask for it)... To hell with reconciling with unrealized dreams! Fight them like your worst enemy. Reconciling would be like calling up that 'ole dopey boyfriend(s) of yours from college that you can't believe you ever went out with. The point is, don't do it.
Come on, this is an easy one. Look at it this way: write down all of your hopes and dreams. Cross out all of the ones that can't be purchased. Not many left? Now cross out the ones that cost more than your salary. Hey, look whats left! The Ghia! Buy it! Realize a dream TODAY!
Okay, now on to the 'coping with your decision' part that for some reason, humans torture themselves with. Step 1: Smile! You realized a lifelong dream! Alot of people never even bother to dream in the first place! Step 2: go get the idiot book. 'How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive: A Manual of Step by Step Procedures for the Compleat (sic) Idiot, by John Muir (god rest his soul). Most decent book stores have it or can order it, and quite a few auto-parts places have it too. You can even order it from the web. Most people just know it by 'the idiot book'. This book, i promise, will enlighten you. For a mere $25 you will see car problems, nay, life problems, in a different light. Buy it, read it, live it. As long as you don't mind gettting a little dirty (i can tell you don't), and have the courage to do something you've never done before (i can tell you do) you will fix your car... easily. building engines may be a way off, but all the little stuff that happens, you will be a master. Okay, I'm rattling on... email me privately for specific stuff.
Oh yeah, the cold . Well, i'd be lying if i told you you could bake a potato with the ghia heater... but it should work just fine even in a harsh winter. (it DOES get cold in the motherland) Finally, Ghias are VW's and as far as mechanical stuff goes, its relatively cheap to buy parts compared to most any other car on the road. (ghia engine and mechanical stuff is pretty much identical to bug stuff, and most of the parts are interchangable). Pro (no comment) mechanics charge the about the same rate no matter what car they are working on (unless you have have a Y chromosome), but you won't need those guys anyway. Good luck and keep us updated! I'll be disappointed if i don't hear from you again!


PS - you dissin' scientists and writers? What tree do you think you're barking up, sister?!

Dear Karma,

I recently purchased a 73 convertible and found the front hood (trunk) latch was defective (i.e. the front hood will not come open so I cannot get to the brake fluid, spare tire, ete). The glove box release wire apprears to be broken. How do I go at this, remove the IP and go from there or is there a better way.



I posed this question to the mailing list group, and the answer was unanimous - go in through the horn opening. If you don't know where this is, stick your head under the front of the car and have someone honk the horn! After they peel you off the asphalt, you can stick your arm through here and use a screw driver to pop the catch-pin. You may have to have someone pull on the latch release in the car if the catch is just out of adjustment.


Dear Karma,

I bought a new Ghia Conv. in July of 1974 from a dealer. I am lucky to still have the car with only 37,000 miles on it. My problem is I can't find my vin number on any listing. Your charts don't show any 74 conv. being made, and even the regular vin nos. don't go as high as mine. The vin no. is 1442668047. Can you help me? The conv. did not have a rear seat for this year. Thanks and I owe you a bone.  


Sounds like a 1974 VIN to me. My list is incomplete, and i haven't found any sources for the '74 model year. The 14 is the type # (ie - Ghia) and the next number - 4 in this case - is the year. The most official solution would to write VWAG and send them the VIN. They will send you your car's birth certificate for free. There's a link for doing this by e-mail in the "know-how" section of this site.


Hello Friend!

Since June of 1974 I have been the proud owner of a darlin' blue Ghia! It now has almost 59,000 loving miles on it. For years I have resisted selling it, saying, "I'm going to be buried in it." ( I'm now 68, so who knows) (L) My 71 year old husband uses it to drive over town--about 6 blocks away--and he still looks pretty darn cute tooling around. When we go out together, we feel like teen agers!
Love your page.

Aw shucks! Do you have a male dog you could introduce me to? This is my kind of family!

Hi Karma!

What a cute picture of you! And you're smart too?! Some of us have all the breaks. I am in the process of gathering parts for my kg. She's going into the body shop when el nino moves on. He'll have her for 2 months. sniff. Anyways, the question is: where, how can I buy a driver's side seat for my baby? I think it's beyond covering since I'm riding on springs. How should I handle the box of parts I've gathered? I read somewhere that body shops often "lose" parts. That would make me nuts given the amount of energy that was spent looking, paying, and stockpiling these items. I've started inventorying them. I pretty much trust my body guy but........ I also want to cover my a. I've had my ghia almost 4 years now and am so excited about fixing her up. However, this is my first foray into body shop land. Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated.

Ghia Girl  


Aw shucks, I'm blushing...Oh, wait, i can't blush. Anyway, two months in body shop is a LONG time. In other words, its plenty of time for your guy to "misplace" parts... or the entire box. I don't want to 'dis the body shop guys as a whole, because some of them are great... but its tough for many of us to figure out who those people are. I'm guessing that whatever you have in your box, you can install pretty easily yourself. It depends on how inclined you are to get your hands dirty. So, stare at your crystals, harness the energy from your karma pyramid, rub your hippie beads, take a deep breath, and decide to trust or not trust. Its a big step, I know, and can change your whole outlook on life if you get burned. But, that is part of the splendor of living... uncertainty is exciting... embrace it. But I digress. I guess a more rational approach would be to hold on to the high $ parts, and give him the rest.
Now, for that seat. I've got extras, the junkyard has extras, parts houses have extras... but you will pay if you want something top notch. Why not spring (no pun) for replacement seat pads and an upholstery kit? You can do it all yourself and save some $, plus your RESTORING instead of REPLACING. You'll feel good. That seat has treated your butt pretty good over the years. Its treated other peoples butts good over the years. Should you applaud this loyalty to your ass, or should you trash it? Why not show your appreciation and give it a new life. It really won't cost you that much. You could probably do all of your seats for the price of buying a premium used seat (driver's-side seats are much more expensive than passenger seats - due to demand). Check out House of Ghia, KGPR, Just Ghias, and WCM. They all have the stuff you need.

bye GG,

Dear Karma,

I have a big problem with my 64 ghia convt. Im used to listening to my radio as I motor down the road. now that my radio has shorted out, and several attempts to have it repaired by the original manufacturer have failed what should I do. the aftermarket radio that was in the ghia fit perfectly without needing any dash altering. this ghia has several custom alterations but I would like to keep the dash stock if possible. any possible suggestions on aftermarket applications.


Aloha Kahuna,

You mean you actually tried to get the original manufacturer to repair a >30 year old radio? Major kudos, big kahuna! Fortunately, you still have several options. First, you could go down to your local junkyard and look at all their vinatge VW's (bugs, busses, things, ghias, whatever) until you find a decent radio that is either the same model as yours, or one that's about the same size. All of these Sapphire's are about the same thing. Next, take it home, hook it up, and hopefully it will work. Otherwise, your right back where you started. If you are mechanically inclined, take that sucker apart and figure out how it works and the put it back together again. If not, go to the Know-How section of this site and I've listed a guy who does cheap radio repair. I hear he's quite good as well as affordable. You would be wise not to cut a huge hole in your dash to accomodate a multi-disk CD changer with graphic equalizer and amplifier. Good luck, and keep me informed...


Dear Karma,

Are you going to the World Cup too? Or is Master Jason leaving you to starve while he is galavanting across Europe? I think you need a raise.

Jealous in San Antonio

Dear Jealous,

I wish. I would like to go and take a chunk out of the asses of some soccer hooligans, but i digress. Besides, Taking a dog on vacation in Europe is a pain, if you're not already there. Master J promised to bring me back some coffee from Amsterdam, so i won't complain. I can always gallivant around the backyard.

Charmin' Karman

Dear Karma,

I am looking for a detail diagram on wiring the fuel guage on my '72 karmann ghia. Any useful information or ideas on where to find info regarding this problem?

Mike Rodriguez
San Anotnio, Tx

You should be hanging out with Jealous... Try the Haynes manuals at your local parts store (the general VW one with the bug on the cover has it in the back). Or, if you speak French, The Karmann Ghia Club of France has the diagrams illegally scanned and on their web-page (go to the links section on this site). You can find it. Shouldn't be much detail, i believe that there is only 1 wire going from the gauge to the sending unit. The sending unit is grounded on the tank. Its basically a variable resistor that changes the amount of current into the gauge, which moves the needle from full to empty while the gas disappears. If you are talking about disassembling the gauge, i don't know of any documentation, so you are on your own.


Hay Karma,

Question 1:
I'm sure your a regular book "hound" so I was wondering what books do you suggest I read on KGs?
Question 2:
Will a decent Karmann Ghia run well enough to get me from south Washington to mid California once or twice a year for 5 years or so? Is that asking too much from this classy car?
Question 3:
Knowing that KGs have problems with it crule and unusual punishment to keep one covered outside during the winter? Would probably be kept this way for 2 years max, and boy does it rain here!!!
Question 4:
What type of degree do you have Karma? I'm working on a BS of Biology right now.

Thanks a Bunch,

Hay Andy,

I. Hmmm... you read? I try, but the cones of vision on each side of my snout don't sufficiently overlap, resulting in difficulty reading, sometimes referred to as 'dogslexia'. A tough call, anyway. Opinions vary. Some people like books with pretty pictures, while others like actual text. Your best bet is to go to the local mega-bookstore and browse.
II. Drive that puppy cross-country. Just keep 'er tuned.
III. Well, ghias aren't ESPECIALLY inclined to rust, but the fact that they are say, 30 years old doesn't help. Metallurgy has improved, so of course a new car won't rust a quickly as a Ghia. Anyway, do what you gotta do. Get a good cover. Make sure water doesn't accumulate under it. Go out there and hug your baby every now and then, and it'll forgive you.
IV. Obedience. Advanced Obedience. Advanced Agility. You know, USEFUL degrees! Ruf!


Dear Karma,

I am in desparate need of color information for my '74 Ghia. The original color of the car is orange, however after all rust has been eliminated, my pride and joy now has green doors and a dark blue rear deck lid. I really like the dark blue color and would like to repaint the entire car this color. However, I have not been able to find what paint colors were available for production year 1974. I really want to keep the car an original VW color (I really like the dark blue). Can you give me colors and codes offered in 1974????????????

Color Blind

Dear Color Blind,

No problem... just beebop on over to the Karma Ghia Workshop pages and look in his color section to get a list of what was available for the 70's ghias. For mixing formula's, check out the mixing codes on the Karman Ghia Club of North America pages... just go to the links section of this site and its at the top! No telling whether or not that blue is an original color, though... good luck!


Dear Karma,

I'm considering purchasing a 1953 type 1 LHD Karmann Ghia. Can you advise the basic points I have to check? If the car is mechcanically sound it is my intention is to use it as an every day car, commuting to work etc. Would a old car like this be suitable for this or are Karmen Ghias of that age more suited to Sunday afternoon drives? Thank you for your help.



Problem: Karman Ghias didn't go into production until 1955 and the first model year was 1956. ghias this old are best suited for museums and car shows. I would be interested to know how the year of this car was determined (see the VIN info on this site). This COULD be some sort of prototype - extremely doubtful. Let us know what you find...


Note: This ended up being a '56, in Bangkok no less!

Dear Karma,

I know absolutely nothing about ghias but I want one because they look good. I am arguing with my dad about the engine. He says that they are different than the vw bug engines. I say they're the same. You buy the same parts for them, right?


Dear Confused,

You are absolutely correct. The only difference - a slight one - is the air-cleaner. When i go the the local parts store for engine parts, i tell them i'm looking for bug parts, just to avoid having to explain what a Karmann Ghia is. Tell your dad not to worry since you'll be working on the engine yourself!

happy driving,

Dear Karma,

I'm absolutely nuts about Ghias and I desparately want one. I found one advertised on the net that I can afford and I've contacted the seller. The problem is, this guy seems pretty attached to his car and I'm worried that he won't sell it to me since it would be my first car (I'm 17). What should I do to convince this guy that I'm worthy of a Ghia? In your opinion, would a Ghia make a good first car?


Dear Wishing,

This is a tough one. I myself would never sell one of my beauties to someone i didn't trust. Here's the first step - get the idiot book and read it. Its actually fun to read, and you will know everything about your car when you get it. Second - if this is a long term investment - and it should be - let the buyer know your intentions for the future of his baby. This combined with your knowledge of the vehicle's mechanicals (from the idiot book) should help convinve him you are serious. If there is one common thread among VW owners - its loyalty - which you will soon have and understand. A ghia is a bad first car, since most people wreck their first cars. Its a good first car, since owning one makes you learn about how cars work. Take your pick.


Dear Karma,

hi, i am looking at ghias but i am 6 feet 4 inches tall and my knees jam into the dash. Is it possible to have a seat taken out and replaced farther back? headroom is not a problem.

in the clouds in iowa

Dear In the Clouds,

I hope i can help you, my giant deformed friend. You are more than three times my height, so i can't image. Headroom is not a problem.... so you are saying that you have enormous legs and a minature torso and head? Wow. I imagine you could get a job as a Carnie pretty easily.
Well, to answer your question, no. Or yes. If your seat is all the way back and you won't fit, then you have two options: 1. take out the drivers seat and sit in the back. 2. If there is any clearance between the back of your seat and the rear seat frame, you can have the front seat rails removed and welded a bit farther back. I can't image you could gain much room this way, though.
Caveat: you say, "I don't have a rear seat!" Well, VW stopped putting them in rather than comply with the new rear seat belt laws in '73 (or about then). Either that or the PO took then out- not entirely uncommon since the rear seat is only good for medium sized dogs.
PS - I've known giant persons that drove a stock ghia with no complaints.

Best wishes,

Dear Karma,

Okay....heres the thing.i recently purchased a 74 ghia convertible.i only spent 300 bucks on it so i wasnt expecting miracles.after looking the thing over,i discovered that the rust to the body was insignificant, but that the pan would have to be completely redone,if not problem is that i want to do everything myself(no matter the cost or time),and i know absolutely nothing about vdubs.okay....the question.i want to do a ground up restor but i cant figure out how to detach the body from the pan.if you can tell me this one simple thing, you have my permission to call me an idiot as often as you wish......

idiot bob

Idiot Bob,

Okay idiot bob, i'll answer your question as quickly as i can in plain english using very simple words and short sentences.
Take out your back seat. Look down. See bolts. Take them out. All of them. Keep looking down there for any that you missed. Now, take out the gas tank. Repeat the procedure. look again to make sure you got them all. Now, get under the car and look up. Over where the doors are (edge of pan) there are a bunch of those same bolts going from the front tire area to the rear tire area. Take them all out on BOTH sides. Look around some more to make sure you didn't miss any. Now, check the wheel well areas for those same bolts, theres probably one hiding under each well. Actually i can't remember about this one. You should have several handfulls of these bolts. I imagine even Idiot Bob will get the hang of this quickly and can figure out where the bolts are hiding. Are they all off? Are you SURE? MAKE SURE! Now pull off the body, and put it on sawhorses or something... maybe leave it suspended to your garage ceiling - plan this part in advance. Now, if you missed a bolt - even one - you will probably screw up the body while you're pulling with all your might. If your rockers are shot - replace them beforehand. Keep the doors closed to keep the body from flexing, or make a jig to hold the door opening open. Get a new body seal from WCM. Put body back on - replace bolts.
Idiot Bob - you are no idiot if you bought a convertible ghia for $300. You would also not be an idiot if you offered it to me for free.

cheers big ears,

Dear Karma,

I need to replace the both floor pans, I see "Inovation" has fiberglass pans that will never rust. Is this a good idea?



This is a great idea if you hate your car or work for the company that sells fiberglass pans. First of all, if your pans are rusted, the pans aren't the main problem, the leak that is causing water to get into your car and settle on the floor is the main problem. I'm guessing you own a convertible, since this is almost always the case with old convertible tops that are bent, have holes, have missing seals, or windows aren't aligned properly... yes, you can adjust the window alignment fairly easily - but i'll save this for another time. So, get out the garden hose and douse your car while your SO sits inside and diagnoses the leak source. Fix it. Now, buy some steel replacement pans - they cost about the same as the fiberglass ones - and have them welded in. You should be able to have the work done for a few hundred bucks or less. A friend of mine chiseled out his old ones and had someone weld in the new ones for twenty bucks and a case of Bud. It doesn't take an ace welder to do the job... no one will see it. If you are doing the rear pans (steel pans come in two sections - to save you $, since i bet only your rear section needs replacing) don't forget to have the seat rails put in, or you will be sitting on the floor. This is a major consideration with fiberglass pans, since you can't put in the old seat rails... you sit on the floor or figure out a way to put in your favorite lawn chair. Another knock against fiberglass pans - they aren't steel... you want your 300lb friend to be able to go for a ride? Oh yeah, fiberglass pans will decrease the value of the car. Besides, you would obviously be half-assing a bigger problem.


Dear Karma,

Is there anyway I could put a heating device in a Karmann ghia?

Dear B0I3I3Y,

I thought dog names were stupid! To answer your question, you've probably got two. The cigarette lighter, and the other one.... THE HEATER. Its there, maybe you've missed it. See those levers down there by the emergency brake? Play with them. I don't know what other sort of heating devices you've got in mind. A chambers stove? I nice heating pad to soothe the aching muscles? How about a hot plate to keep that nacho dip warm. You probably aren't going to bake a potato with the stock Karmann Ghia heater, so go ahead and put in that BBQ pit.


Dear Karma,

Hello I am an Englishman trapped in Southern California. I am having a hells own job making my 74 Karmann Ghia pass emmissions out here. The car runs great, but at high RPM it runs very lean nad fails with too much CO. Can you give me any advice ?

Many thanks

Dear Tony,

You're problem is not uncommon. Subscribe to the digest and ask those guys... they have succeeded. In Texas the emissions laws are slow in coming, and cars older than 25yrs are excluded, so we can drive our ghias all day long with no worries. Note: You know you're in trouble when you ask a dog about radicals formed in hydrocarbon combustion.


Dear Karma,



Dear Trudie,

This is actually not too tough of a question, you just need the right resources. Every VW engine has a number on it. Open your rear deck lid and look at the engine. There's one belt and you're going to be looking right through it to find that engine number. At the top of the belt is the generator (that round thing- it spins around and charges the battery while you drive) and the generator is sitting on an aluminium pedestal that is bolted to the engine case. Right below this pedestal some numbers are stamped on the engine case. You will probably see big balls of dirt and oil and a few outlines of numbers, so scrape off the gunk and read the number.
You've got a '69, so the code SHOULD start with an H and be a 1500cc engine (if it starts with an L then it has smog control features, but is the same engine) if this isn't what you've got, then someone has screwed around with your car, or blew your original engine, or whatever - its gone. So, check out the nubmers below to figure out what you've got.
up to 5 000 000 - 36hp
5 000 001 to E 0 000 000 - 40hp
E 0 000 001 to H 0 204 000 - 1300cc
H 0 204 001 to B 6 000 000 - 1500cc ( and L)
B 6 000 001 and up is 1600cc
a few other numbers...
D anything - old 34hp
AB anything - 1300cc
AD,AE,AH etc. and up - 1600cc
if there's a big blank space where the engine number is supposed to be, then you might have a replacement case, which generally just has a letter on it. If you still don't know what you have, take it to the local VW guy - NOT THE NEIGHBORHOOD MECHANIC - he'll tell you you have a busted flux capacitor and it will cost a bundle. The VW guy will take one glance and instantly tell you what size it is. I highly recommend the "Idiot book", which has lots of this information and will teach you how to be completely mechanic independant. Five bucks says your engine has been replaced with a 1600cc.


Dear Karma,

Karma, I have this problem. I'm getting ready to customize my seveny-two KG. It's in about three hundred parts in the garage- it's a little known fact that, yes indeed, a Ghia can completely occupy a four-car garage. It was in mediocre shape when I bought it, but I would rather restore an earlier model. Is it bad medicine to customize my car? I want to give it the feel of the newer cars out there. I love cruising past the little Honda yuppies and the soccer Moms in their mini-vans who stare at my car wondering what the heck it is, and where they can get one (don't try to explain to a Honda yuppy why a twenty year old VW way outclasses his overpriced, underpowered piece of junk. I tried that once- I told hiim that he is getting less engine for his money, and has little room to build his car to his own personality. He said he thought he liked his ride better still. His car wasn't that spectacular, but seeing as how it did run enough to pick me up on the side of the road after yet another incident, well.... Anyway, is it a major hoo-doo to customiize the classic Ghia. I want to put a full-length sliding ragtop, drop it down, shave the door handles, tint the windows, and make it a designer machine- which is probably going to take a lot of time and money. However, the alternative is to start cruising the papers looking for dealer sales


Dear Poor,

First off, poor is my middle name... so i feel for you, bub. I can't belive i'm going to say the next part, but... If customizing your ride and driving with your butt two inches off the ground gives you a woody, then DO IT! This isn't really a CAR question, this is a LIFE question. If i want to dig in the yard, i do it! If i want to chew up the hose, i do it! Get the picture?
So paint flames on the bastard and tie a racoon's tail to the antenna, and dont forget the mags... big ones! When you drive by, those soccer moms will squeal with delight and you may have to get your number unlisted. To hell with the purists (which i am), its YOUR car. Now, if you had a '56, the answer would be a little different, but hey, '72 never existed to the purists.
A bit of caution, though. Whatever you remove from the car... save it or sell it so someone else less fortunate may be able to enjoy it someday. Better yet, give them to my friend Dave! Those parts aren't growing on trees.
And Hondas... lets not get into that one. You think Hondas are quiet cars? Not to dogs, buddy.

Ruf ruf,


PS - Good rule of thumb! Disassembled Ghias take up about four times the space! arf!

Dear Karma,

I'm trying to find out the value of my Karmann Ghia. Its a '71, yellow, and has a few dents.


Dear Larry,

If I had a nickel for every yellow '71 ghia I raised my leg on... First off, red ghias are always the most valuable, and they remind me of hydrants. If its a coupe, then value definitely goes down in my book, since I can barely fit in the back seat. Dents are a bad thing. WORK with me Larry. I'm a DOG, and although we do have telepathic powers, I've never seen your ghia, much less been close enough to leave my mark on what are sure to be EMPI's.
(down girl!)
(bad Karma!)
Woof! I would have figured that some bone-head had made a FAQ for this by now. Mmmmmmmm... BONES! I guess its unFAQable. Look in the paper Larry, it depends on where you live too.



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