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Karmann Ghia Know How

This page is inteded to be source of general information and tips for the Karmann Ghia restorationalist. Some of the information comes straight from the correspondence on the Karmann Ghia Mailing List, some is linked to the pages of other enthusiasts, and some stuff is just here. This page is still in its infancy, and hopefully, more information will be posted as time goes on.
In the mean time, check out the Sermons of Bob Hoover for and excellent online mechanical reference. Other good places to start looking for VW technical stuff is Pushing back the darkness & Murph's VW tech tip page. If you have anything you would like to add to this page, please send me your text and I'll put it up!

Do you have an interesting or informative article from the Karmann Ghia Mailing List or VintagVW Archives? Send it in!

Gauges / Electric Stuff

Clock Repair
Cheap Radio Repair
Sapphire XIV Radio Manual (VW 1302 pages)

Interior Stuff

Dash Removal
Door Latch Restore
Repro Stickers (among other things)
Door Rattle
Dash Pads (KG World)

Exterior Stuff

Color and Upholstery (KGCNA)
VW Paint Chips and Mixing Formulas (KGCNA)

Engine / Mechanical Stuff

Tuning the 34-PICT 3 carb
Case Bore Specs
Oilpump Workings


Get Your Ghia Birth Certificate (Pim's site)
Write to Volkswagen Air-Cooled VW Jargon File

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